This project aims to celebrate the playfulness in design by designing a system that allows the user to take a significant part in making the objects' design.

The project is inspired by the work of "Wassily Kandinsky – Succession 1935", and his ideas of geometric abstract. The components are abstract shapes with the subtlest hints of how to combine them. By taking the fundamental principle of abstract shapes as a trigger to the mind, I created a system of abstract objects that can be assembled in many ways and can be the base for many functions.

The project creates a language and a dialogue that rely on the objects themselves and essentially turns them into active entities in the design discourse, thus sharpening our ability for visual discourse that does not rely on spoken language. Thanks to the playful nature of the project, the user can create an experience that is more than a normal purchase of an object. The experience creates an affinity between the user and the product, due to the user's significant role in its design.