Guy Bar-Sinai (Israel) is a multi-disciplinary designer based in the Netherlands, holds a Master's degree in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven.
His works investigate the tension between culture, artifacts, and social trend through personal experience.
He is fascinated by material and non-material culture and the encounters that are created between them, thanks to contemporary digital culture.
His works range from physical objects to digital art and explore the cultura and social contexts influenced by them.

Selected exhibitions:
(2016) “High Contrast- Contemporary Israeli design" (TWDW Taiwan)
(2017) "Stools" (Vitrina Gallery)
(2017) "Jerusalem Design Week – Product Island"
(2019) "Broken Nature"  at XXII Triennale di Milano
(2021) G21-Design Academy Eindhoven-Eindhoven

Hoofdweg 442, 1056 DJ,
Amsterdam, Netherlands