The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a long period of isolation and loneliness upon us. It shaped our lives in ways that we never dared to dream of before. This new reality of no social contact made me think of relationships and different ways of engagement with other people. The many tools that are available to us for communication during the digital culture age have made this pandemic more bearable during times of isolation. That being said, it simultaneously changes the way we think and perceives each other. In this research, I tried to play with these ideas. Can we use these new tools to collaborate under the extreme regulations of isolation? This experiment aims to create synergy within the design process while maintaining minimal contact between the designers - the only communication is through the design itself. The only contact between the designers is during the briefing of the subject of the collaboration – "contactless synergy"; What the object "is" opens the dynamic of the process.

in collaboration with:
Nivi Lehavi, Eli MIzrachi, Ofir Lifshitz and Steven  Akoun