STOOLS (2017)

As part of my research about Israeli design and my search to define values for Israeli design, I discovered that one of the most important values is improvisation. As an Israeli, I was exposed to this idea from a young age: in youth movements, in the playground, at schools, and of course, during the army service.

It is part of the Israeli D.N.A.

In this project, a kit was given to 19 designers and studios, all based in Israel, to play with and explore the idea. The task was simple- build a stool with the materials provided in the kit. The diversity and the playful outcome show the potential that is part of improvisation. 

The final results were shown as an exhibition in "Vitrina Gallery" in Holon, Isreal.

All the participants in this exhibition are members of the H.I.T design faculty.
Reddish Studio: Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman / Shlomit Bauman / Sholi Strauss
/ Eilon Armon / Adi Kitrey / Kulla Studio: Adi Shpigel, Keren Tomer / Tomer Sapir/ Ira
Rozhavsky / Ofer Zick / Ilona Lev, David Rawet / Yaniv Brafman / Adital Ela / Johnathan
Hopp / Shir Atar / Ori Ben-Zvi / Luka Or / Gad Charny /Itay Ohaly / Galina Arbeli.