The digital media era has brought us the promise of anarchy, freedom of knowledge, and a place to be whoever we choose to be. While the promise of anarchy has to do with our ability as human beings to trust each other, digital media is unable to fulfill this assurance.

As one who grew up when the digital revolution had just begun, the impact of these new and exciting realms has shaped many aspects of who I am today.

Growing up with the tension between the promise of complete freedom on the one hand, and an ongoing suspicion of the other, has developed a love-hate relationship with the digital media within me, and quite a bit of anxiety.

This project stretches the boundaries between man and object, as embodied in the age of digital media, as it projects the feelings and concepts mentioned above into analog, neglected, and everyday objects. The result is "The Virtual Kingdom of Negligible Objects", in which these objects can celebrate themselves through the filters of the digital world, and ask themselves existential questions about their future in a world that increasingly enters the digital spaces.